It’s time to level up your cocktail game.


🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏻‍♂️  Hi, we’re Haleigh & Cody, a husband-wife duo based in Roswell, GA! We dreamt up Home Bar Network in Spring of 2020 to bring the culture and craft of professional bartending to the world in a fun and approachable way. We are insanely passionate about cocktails, hospitality, bar culture, travel and food.

We have a combined 20+ years experience in the beverage industry and get so much joy from teaching people the art of imbibing. We’ve traveled the world tasting some of the best cocktails at their origins. Hospitality is in our blood.

🤔  When the pandemic hit and bars closed, we thought, “How do we keep happy hour alive with our friends and regulars?”

Thought process went like this…

1️⃣   Bars closed. ☹️

2️⃣   Our friends & regulars (for the most part) didn’t know how to make a proper cocktail. 😬

3️⃣   We have a video camera. 🎥

4️⃣   Let’s fix this and bring hospitality back home!

So, we transformed our 900 square foot loft into a studio and started filming cocktail videos with the hopes of some day having our own cocktail show on TV!

We’ve been watching cooking shows for decades, it’s about time there was a network dedicated solely to craft cocktails, don’t you think?

🚀  Fast forward to now!

What started as filming fun videos in our kitchen has morphed into a full blown business teaching custom in-home cocktail classes, hosting corporate happy hours, mobile bar pop-ups, and consulting for bars across Metro Atlanta.

🙏  Thank you to all our clients, past, present and future for supporting small business and big dreams!

❤️  And don’t forget to follow us share with your friends so we can spread our cocktail love around the world.



  • Haleigh Brown
    Haleigh Brown Co-Founder

    Haleigh is an Executive Bourbon Steward, Cocktail Aficionado and Digital Marketing Nerd. She’s held several positions in the food/bev industry, from bar manager to events coordinator to social media director for an international whiskey brand. Whether she’s capturing cocktail photography, building community through social media, exploring new cities and bars, or teaching cocktail classes, her passion is unmistakable. She lives and breathes hospitality and it’s always her goal to get people as excited as possible about the wonderful world of imbibing.

  • Cody Brown
    Cody Brown Co-Founder

    Cody’s ideal situation? Getting lost in a new city looking for hidden bars and restaurants to explore. New flavors to discover, new drinks to try, new dishes to taste. Food, beverage, and hospitality are his lifeblood and his true passion lies in helping others discover this sweet part of life. Cody has been behind the bar for 15+ years in addition to serving as Beverage Director for a successful Atlanta restaurant group and has held nearly every other front of house position. His goal is to bring hospitality back into the home and restaurant. That means demystifying the art of cocktails, taking time to imbibe the right way, and teaching the importance of using quality ingredients and tools.

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