Being a former Beverage Director for a successful restaurant group in Atlanta, GA, bar improvement and menu creation are things I take immense pride and joy in. It is far too common to walk into a beautiful restaurant or neighborhood bar that has taken obvious steps to make the experience fantastic for their guests in all but one area — the beverage menu. A food menu could be well thought out, priced appropriately and written with care, and you’ll flip it over to find a list of domestic beers, a few wines you can find at the grocery store and a cocktail list that looks like it’s from 1990. As craft cocktails become more mainstream and more expected, it’s important for bars and restaurants to have at least a few options for the serious or curious imbiber to try. This is also important because it gives the staff another side of the menu to be proud of! A well-designed beverage menu that is correctly and efficiently executed by a well-trained staff can be a huge source of income for your restaurant. We can help you capitalize on this critical piece of your business.

Let’s create a delicious cocktail menu that is tailored to your exact market.

I’ll work with you on:

    • Far too many bars buy the wrong quantities of the wrong things. Let’s trim the fat and beef up the profit. 
    • You’re charging what for that?! Margins are the most important piece of this puzzle we can fix. 
    • We’ll identify what you need behind the bar and what you don’t. Nothing unnecessary. Nothing wasted.
  • TOOLS 
    • No more unsightly, cheap tools that don’t work. Let’s get your bar outfitted so that staff can execute the drinks the way they’re meant to. Remember, your guests are sitting eye-level with your bar equipment. We taste with our eyes first!
    • In-depth training on technique, station set-up, efficient movement, spirit history, cocktail theory, customer service and more. 

Contact us to see how Home Bar Network can help your beverage program and staff get to the next level!

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