How to Flame a Citrus Peel

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Expressing a flame of Orange or Lemon over the top of a cocktail is a great way to impart one last layer of flavor and scent before the guest takes a sip. The process is simple: using a fruit peeler (Kuhn Rikon makes the best… and cheapest), peel a wide swath of skin from top to bottom of the fruit, making sure to get the pith — the white underskin — which will act as a spring to shoot out the zest. Hold the peel next to the rim of the glass vertically between your fingers, not side-to-side, and hold the flame almost directly to the skin. Give a good, brisk squeeze and watch the zest ignite and unfurl over the top of the cocktail. Pro tip: Oranges & Lemons with knobbly, bumpy skin work better than smooth-skinned, slick ones. Wash all fruit in advance to get rid of wax or pesticide residue. PS – watch those fingers (and eyebrows!) 🤣

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