In-person and Virtual Cocktail Classes Available!

Virtual & In Person Cocktail Classes

Hi! We are Home Bar Network, a local husband-wife owned company that teaches private in-home and virtual cocktail classes. With 25+ years experience in the bar industry, we’re now taking all our knowledge and skill on the road to teach the world that fresh and delicious cocktails CAN be achieved at home with the right guidance and tools. We provide entertaining, engaging, educational experiences that will give you the confidence to re-create craft cocktails from the comfort of your own home. We are the good time professionals and each cocktail class is tailor-made to fit your tastes. We’re all about hospitality over here, so let’s loosen up, have some fun and learn the art of mixing great cocktails!

Class options


Mastering the Classics

The Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Martini, Sidecar and many more. Learn how to whip up anything from your favorite steakhouse Martini to a frothy Whiskey Sour. We’ll teach you the techniques, tips and tricks necessary to perfectly execute these delicious and historic cocktails using what you’ve got at home. Want a bit more information during class? Let’s delve into how these drinks came about, who made them famous and what bar you can visit to taste some of the best!

Perfect Tommy's Margarita

Crowd Pleasers

Throwing a party for the family or friends? Need a few cocktails that people will recognize and be excited about? The Crowd Pleasers class is exactly what you need to throw down delicious Lemon Drops, Perfect Margs, boozy Cosmos, refreshing Gimlets and more. You pick from a list of the nation’s top cocktails to learn and master and your guests won’t know if they’re at your house or their favorite bar!

Jungle Flower

Tiki & the Tropics

Feel like getting away? Let’s crank up some tiki tunes and get to work on the tropical favorites that whisk you away to your favorite beach bar. Mai Tais, Mojitos, Jungle Birds, Daiquiris and more. Hawaiian shirts required to be worn by all in attendance!

Jalisco Punch - HBN Original

Advanced Class

Already know your way around a shaker? Comfortable with most of the classics and techniques needed to make them, but want to extend your cocktail rolodex a bit? Try your hand — literally — at our Advanced Class where we’ll make syrups, tinctures, and infusions and work with more advanced ingredients and spirits. You choose how complex you want the class to be, and how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

Home Bar Bottles

Build your own class!

Want to make things a little more special? Let’s take on your personal favorites or learn how to create your very own specialty cocktails. Is there a cocktail you had years back that you’ve always wanted to recreate but couldn’t figure out how to do it? We’ll work together to get as close as we can to “the one that got away!” Or let’s gather your favorite ingredients and spirits and create cocktail greatness together — from the measurements, the mixing technique, additional flavors and even coming up with a name — we’ll create a cocktail that’ll have your whole neighborhood talking!

Why Home Bar Network?

Over our 25+ years in the bar industry, we’ve tweaked, tasted and adjusted our techniques, recipes and tools to master the most efficient, effective and delicious way to make cocktails. Fantastic cocktails no longer will feel daunting or out of reach. We not only educate you on leveling up your cocktail game, but we make sure you have a great time doing it.

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