HONEY DEUCE: The Official Cocktail of the US Open!

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Needless to say, the US Open experience is much different for tennis fans in 2020. But, the good news is, even though the stands are empty, we’re here to make sure your glasses are full! LET’S HAVE A HONEY DEUCE!

The original recipe calls for 1.25 oz vodka but momma didn’t raise no wimp! 😜 This is a super easy and refreshing cocktail perfect for outdoor gatherings, poolside, beachside, lakeside…you name it! All you need is vodka, raspberry liqueur, lemonade, honeydew, and a melon baller. (link below) This is one of those drinks you can easily batch too and we guarantee no one will complain! ⁣Make the melon balls ahead of time and pop in the freezer to make garnish even easier!

2 oz Grey Goose ⁣vodka
.5 oz raspberry liqueur ⁣
3 oz fresh lemonade ⁣
Shake and serve over ice with honeydew balls!⁣

Our friend, Jamal, knocked on the door just in time to taste test our first ever round of Honey Deuces and it’s 💯 his new favorite drink! ⁣




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