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If you’ve been following Home Bar Network for awhile, you know we like to keep it fresh when it comes to our cocktails. So instead of adding any old flavored vodka to this milkshake (which is oftentimes artificial), we’ve infused our own with Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Bean.

Scroll down to watch us make it LIVE for Episode 2 of our Holiday Cocktail Series with The Dairy Alliance!


4 heaping scoops of vanilla ice cream
3 gingerbread cookies (save one for garnish)
8-10 ounces of milk (use more or less depending on desired thickness)
salted caramel sauce (we like this one from Whole Foods)
optional: 2 oz Madagascar Vanilla Bean Infused Vodka*
whipped cream

DIRECTIONS: Blend ice cream, milk and two gingerbread cookies. Pour into desired glass. Top with whipped cream, caramel drizzle and a gingerbread man for good luck!

*Madagascar Vanilla Bean Infused Vodka:

Slice one Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Bean down the center. Add the split bean to a mason jar and top with vodka (we used a 16 oz jar). Agitate and keep on counter for 3-5 days for optimal vanilla flavor.


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