Proper Irish Coffee

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Warm up the kettle because we’re about to make the tastiest Irish Coffee in existence! Haleigh learned this recipe when she worked at Mac McGee Irish Pub in Historic Roswell, GA and honestly there’s no better version for that classic soul-warming taste.


1.5 oz Irish Whiskey
2 tsp brown sugar
4-5 oz hot, bold coffee (We love Cafe Bustelo – best bang for your buck flavor at the grocery store!)
Top with whipped heavy cream
Grate fresh nutmeg over top

PRO TIP: Heat your Irish coffee mug before preparing your cocktail!

DIRECTIONS: Preheat your Irish Coffee mug or any mug you got with hot water. Dump water once mug is warm. Add your whiskey, brown sugar and bold hot coffee. Layer whipped heavy cream on top. Click here to learn how. Grate whole nutmeg over top. ENJOY!


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