Ellany’s Birthday Cocktail Class!

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Welcome to Home Bar Network!

Hello Ellany, Evan and friends!

Looking forward to seeing you all for a special cocktail class to celebrate Ellany’s birthday! We’ve put together a well rounded menu of classic cocktails and cool techniques plus original recipes we can’t wait to share with you!

Before we get shakin’, below is a shopping list of booze you will need for class. Home Bar Network will provide all the produce, homemade syrups, fresh squeezed juices, bar tools, syrups, ice, recipe cards, etc. We provide everything we need for class except the booze.

We’ve included links to several brands in the shopping list below. We highly recommend shopping at Total Wine Alpharetta as we know for sure they carry everything below at a great price. Although, most larger liquor stores should carry all these bottles as well. Please call/text if you have any questions. 678-438-1547




  • Apple Cider Mule
  • Spicy Cucumber Margarita
  • New York Sour 
  • Espresso Martini
  • HBN Old Fashioned




2 oz vodka
1 oz apple cider
.75 oz black pepper ginger syrup*
.5 oz fresh lemon juice
Top with seltzer

DIRECTIONS: Add all ingredients except soda to a shaker. Shake with ice until well-chilled. Strain over fresh ice into copper mug. Top with seltzer and garnish with candied lemon wedge dipped in cinnamon sugar.

*Black Pepper Ginger Syrup:

Bring 1 cup Turbinado sugar and 1 cup water to boil until sugar dissolves. Reduce to a simmer and add 3/4 cup peeled and sliced ginger and a teaspoon fresh cracked black pepper. Simmer uncovered for 30 minutes and allow to cool to room temperature. Strain and bottle. Stick it in the fridge and keep for up to 2-3 weeks. **For an extra spicy flavor, after simmering ginger, sugar and water for 30 minutes, pour mixture into a high speed blender and blend on high for 10 seconds. Pour through double strainer to remove excess chunks and bottle.



2 oz Tequila Blanco
.5 oz Cointreau
.75 oz Fresh Lime
.5 oz Agave Syrup*
3 Slices Cucumber
1 Slice Jalapeño

DIRECTIONS: Add cucumber and jalepeño to a shaker with agave syrup and muddle. Add the rest of ingredients and ice and shake hard for until well-chilled. Double strain into a rocks glass over new ice. Garnish with a slice of jalapeño, cucumber, and lime stacked one on top of the other from largest to smallest and pinned together with a skewer.



2 oz Bourbon
1 oz Fresh Lemon Juice
1 oz Simple Syrup
.75 oz Aquafaba
Malbec Float

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with ice until well-chilled. Pour over fresh ice in a rocks glass. Gently pour Merlot over the back of a spoon on top of the cocktail so that the wine floats on top in a burgundy layer.



2 oz Vodka
.75 oz Borghetti Espresso Liqueur
2 oz Espresso
.25 oz Rich Turbinado Syrup
3 Espresso Beans

DIRECTIONS: Shake all ingredients with ice until well-chilled. Double-strain into chilled Martini glass and drop in three Espresso beans.



2 oz Rye
1/4 oz Rich Turbinado Syrup or Demerara sugar cube
1 Orange
4 dashes Angostura Bitters
Garnish: Orange

DIRECTIONS: Drop an orange peel, sugar cube and 4 dashes of bitters into a mixing glass. Muddle. Add 2 oz of rye, add ice and stir until well-chilled. Strain over large cube. Express a fresh orange peel over glass, wipe rim and drop in glass.

*RICH TURBINADO SYRUP: Add 1 cup Turbinado sugar and 1/2 cup water to a pot. Bring to a low boil and stir until sugar dissolves. Bottle and refrigerate up to two weeks.


Connect with us anytime over on our facebook and instagram for more recipes and fun videos. CHEERS!


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In case you like the tools we use in class and wish to purchase afterwards, here’s a list of amazon links!


or CLICK HERE for a list alternative bar tools you probably have in your kitchen now!

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