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Hey everyone! Happy hour is about to begin! Before we get shakin’, we want to make sure everyone is as prepared as possible to make cocktails with us on March 11th, so we’ve compiled a shopping list of ingredients and tools you will need for class. Don’t worry, if you prefer to watch and not mix along with us, that’s fine too!

For those who want the full experience, here’s what you’ll need. (Full Amazon shopping list at bottom of page!)

*Note: The tools we’ve chosen are the exact tools we’ve used behind the bar for years, and if you take care of them, they’ll last you a lifetime. These tools will give you the best result when used in the manner we’ll teach you! However, if you’ve already got things at home that you’re comfortable using, it is still possible to achieve a great result! If you’re not ready to make the investment, CLICK HERE for a list of alternative tools you probably already have in your kitchen.

Setting up your workstation: 

Before we start the class, make sure that you have a clean area to work in and make sure all your cocktail ingredients and tools are within reach. Please have a small cutting board, knife, and ice within reach as well. It’s also good to have a clean towel handy for drying your hands and one laid out on your table to work on.

Please make sure you have simple syrup made (recipe below) and two limes juiced.

Pro tip: Have a glass of water handy to cleanse your palette and keep hydrated!


Feel free to purchase airplane bottles (50ml) or whatever size you’d like, depending on your budget. Just keep in mind that one airplane bottle is only 1.7 oz, so you may need 2+ for a cocktail. 

  • 1 bottle good quality white rum — Havana Club, Don Q, Bacardi, or… just choose your favorite!
  • 1 bottle Rye or Bourbon Whiskey — Rye will lend to a boozier, spicier Old Fashioned, Bourbon will achieve a sweeter result. It’s all preference! Our most affordable favorites are: Rittenhouse Rye, Elijah Craig Bourbon, or Bulleit (they make rye and bourbon).
  • 1 bottle Reposado Tequila — El Jimador or Espolon are both great, affordable choices.
  • 1 bottle Agave Nectar
  • Simple Syrup (Add 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water to a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until sugar is dissolved. Let cool, then pour into a glass jar and seal tightly with a lid. Simple syrup will keep, refrigerated, for about one month.)
  • 4 large limes – juice two limes and set the other two aside for garnish/wedges
  • 1 bottle Angostura Bitters
  • 1 large orange
  • 1 large bunch or pack of fresh mint
  • 1 bottle of club soda

**Please make sure to have plenty of ice nearby as you’re setting up for class. If you happen to have one large cube, this will really take your Old Fashioned to the next level! Ice molds can be found here. If not, no worries, it will still be delicious!




Collins or Highball Glass



Barspoon or Chopstick

Paring Knife



2 oz White Rum

8-10 Mint Leaves

4 Lime Wedges

.75 oz Simple Syrup — (boil 1 cup sugar with 1 cup water until dissolved and bottle)

Float Soda Water

Garnish lime wheel & mint sprig

Directions: Add your mint leaves to your glass first (grab the leaves from the bottom of the sprig). Add your lime wedges on top of the mint, then add your simple syrup. Muddle, careful not to tear the mint. Add 2 oz white rum to the glass. Add ice. Top with club soda. Agitate with a straw or bar spoon. Garnish with a bouquet of mint and enjoy!




Double Old Fashioned Glass or Margarita Glass


Large & Small Shaker Tins / Cocktail Shaker


Hawthorne Strainer


2 oz Reposado Tequila

.75 oz Fresh Lime Juice

.5 oz Agave Nectar

Directions: Add all ingredients to a shaker filled with ice and shake until well-chilled. Strain over new ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a lime wheel.




Old Fashioned or Rocks Glass


Mixing Glass or Pint Glass




Hawthorne Strainer

Fruit Peeler or Paring Knife



2 oz whiskey

3 – 4 dashes Angostura

1 Demerara sugar cube

1 Orange Peel

Directions: Add sugar cube, orange peel, and bitters to a rocks glass and muddle together, careful not to tear the orange peel. Add ice and whiskey and stir for 30 seconds. Take a second orange peel and express over the top. If flaming the orange peel, hold the flame close to the peel and squeeze briskly, allowing the flame to unfurl over the top of the glass. Wipe the rim of the glass with the skin side of the peel and drop into the glass. Enjoy!



or CLICK HERE for a list alternative bar tools you probably have in your kitchen now!

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